Posted by: dean | November 27, 2007

good wholesome fun idea…

Would’nt it be fun to meet up on bikes and ride around Morristown checking out some choice historic, back in the good old day spots?  I dont know if its been done or not and I’m not saying I’d get it set up in a timely organized sane fashion but I think that’d be some fun of the wholesome variety.  A lazy Sunday ride say 6 points of interest, maybe some cool experts would volunteer to meet us and show us around the sites.   Historic Speedwell, The Green, so many nice churches, bars,  mansions with a stop somewhere for lunch, all somehow linked together using scenic calm roads.  hmmmm



  1. I think that would be awesome too; maybe get someone from the visitor’s center to either lead it or just suggest some offbeat places? -kendra

  2. We should set this up for spring time. It would’nt be THAT hard.

  3. fyi and sort of on topic, a local author, Cam Cavanaugh wrote a book called In Lights and Shadows about Morristown in three centuries. I was shocked to read that we have more intact historical buildings than Williamsburg. I’m wondering why Depts of Commerce and Tourism aren’t doingf more to promote us. With more visitors, more local business would thrive, thus giving us townies somewhere to go in town, other than all the banks where we don’t bank.

  4. Beth, that is a great book. The library where I work has that book on a nearly permanent loan to me! I think thats where I first read about the LeBlanc (spelling?) case and the wallets. Might visiting one of the wallets be on anyones list?

    No idea why Morristown is’nt promoted more, but we should do it ourselves!

    That book would be a really great resource in deciding which spots to visit.

  5. I’m going to find that book, thanks!

    I have a little history of the Little Dublin section of Morristown, that is over by Assumption Church. One section of the booklet describes some bike race-type things that happened over there, and I keep meaning to get to library and see if they have any pictures of them:

    Corner of James and Green Streets, c. Spring/Summer 1927: Neighborhood bicycle endurance contest

    Various neighborhoods in town staged bicycle endurance contests, where a team of four young men, wiht minimal rest, would ride bicycles around the block for as long as they could physically stand. Human endurance contests gained national popularity during the 1920s. In Dublin, Vincent Lake and John Doyle managed a team that included the Fleming boys and Georgie Burns. The pride of the neighborhoo was at stake, and a sign, hung on the corner of James and Green Streets, read “Dublin Endurance!”

  6. That is a really GREAT fact that could somehow be tied into an event like the monthly ride. I am envisioning a little exhibit somewhere with the information!

  7. Wow, Around the block! That is too funny! I wonder how long they lasted.

  8. When I was a small person in the 70s, the whole trying to break a world record thing was really popular, and someone in my neighborhood put together an attempt to try to break the world record for continuous tandem bike riding, tho it involved teams of bike riders, like if you were a kid between a certain age, you could sign up for a block of team. I was too young, but I was really jealous of the kids who did it, for what seemed like a couple weeks, but might have only been a few days.

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