Posted by: kendra | November 19, 2007

Hey! It’s snowing!

Here’s a link to a site that gives advice on how to ride your bike in the snow!



  1. I had an ice bike last night. I got some Velo Orange Fenders in the mail last week. They are undrilled/unpolished, I read folks take 3-4 hours to polish em, drill em, put em on straight and rattle free. I took me about 5 and they fenders are basically straight. I felt kinda bad for my neighbors, I was using a dremel to cut metal til 11:30 or so, I was trying so hard to get em on so I could go and ride in the rainy/snowy mess that was accumulating all night. I finished at midnight and went out for a few miles. The sidewalk was slippery but the road was slushy/snowy and not too slick. No cars! Went downhill to the Morris Canal and rode the towpath for a mile or so, lotsa old footprints so it was pretty bumpy but the fenders held on tight, no rattles, they did’nt jam my wheel, actually I would’nt have know they were there but my butt was strangely dry. It was fairly dark out but my light reflecting off the snow made it super bright. Tunnel vision sorta thing took over with the super bright path ahead and dark giant trees wooshing by the side, gotta little squirelly on a slick patch and slowed way down….dont wanna end up in the canal. Head on past the old lock tenders house down a small hill and across ‘the virgin bridge’. The virgin bridge was built over the rt.206 bypass in the 70’s, it had to be built to serve the railroad even though the railroad had officially abandoned the line. The tracks were still on the ground so I guess DOT had to build it. No train ever ran over it, only bikers & hikers. The highway is so silent! I turn back towards home and I gotta make a left on a downhill section. Hit the brakes and I did’nt slow down at all. Managed to make the turn and looked down at the next street light and my bike is literally covered in ice, the slow rain/sleet had froze to my windchilled bike in a nice thin layer with little frozen drip marks everywhere. Welp, the fenders could’nt have stopped that, I still have a dry butt so I’m pretty happy. I dragged the brakes on the rims so they warm up and pedal home. I could’nt help but stare at the completely frozen bike for a few seconds too many before carrying it into my apartment and defrosting/drying her off.

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