Posted by: kendra | November 17, 2007

Ordinance No. O-37-06, part 2

S-A Contest: MachineryOriginally uploaded by Mannequin-I dug through some stuff on the town’s website, and turned up the wording of the ordinance, and it does seem like it includes the whole town, not just the central business district. I did find a previous ordinanace that involved just downtown, but since this does include the whole town, I have decided to try not to be annoyed, but to move on and try to see this as a big step into turning Morristown into a real bike town. I do think people who are reading this could drop a note to their town council person and suggest that while they are putting up signs around towns about no bikes on the sidewalks, it would probably be easy and convenient to put up at the very least some “Share the Road” signs on the same signposts. Anyhow, here’s the wording I found:

Ordinance No. O-37-06IntroducedThe Clerk offered for introduction Ordinance No. O-37-06, entitled:An Ordinance Amending and Supplementing Chapter 178 “Streets and Sidewalks” of theCode of the Town of Morristown to Prevent the Use of Bicycles, Skateboards, RollerBlades, Scooters or Similar Devices on Sidewalks by Adding a New Article VI Entitled“Riding or Driving on Sidewalks Prohibited”. The Council President directed that theordinance be read by title only.Purpose: Prohibits the riding or use of Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller Blades, Scooters or similardevices on sidewalks by persons over the age of 14. With an exception for delivery of newspapers or merchandise solely in residential sections of Town, when such sidewalks are notbeing used by pedestrians.Mr. James Smith said that the Senior residents would like vigorous enforcement of thisordinance. Mr.Timothy Jackson noted that a resident, Douglas Augenbaugh, had statedthat this ordinance would put adults in harms way by forcing them onto the street.Mr. Timothy Jackson made a motion that Ordinance No. O-37-06 be introduced, read bytitle, passed on first reading and that a meeting be held on September 12, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.,in the council room, 200 South Street, for a second reading and consideration of finalpassage of said ordinance. The motion was seconded by Council President AnthonyCattano, Jr.Called to question, Ordinance No. O-37-06 was introduced on the following roll call:YEAS: Mr. John Cryan, Mrs. Michelle Harris-King, Mr. Timothy Jackson, Mr. JamesSmith, Mr. Richard Tighe, Council President Anthony Cattano, Jr.NAYS: NoneABSTAINING: NoneABSENT: Mrs. Raline Smith-Reid

I found the picture for this post on flickr when I was looking for Morristown photos; check out the rest of the set it came from, they are all really great! Thanks for letting me use it!


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