Posted by: kendra | November 17, 2007

Make Your Bike All Festive and Fancy with Solar Lights

I Ride the Bicycle ElectricOriginally uploaded by _mpd_Morristown has been having monthly bike rides on the last Friday of each month for a few months now (see the Critical Mass links on the side), and since the next couple of rides are all around the holidays, why not make your bike all festive and stuff? Someone emailed me that they had found a solar based system for $70 for 104 led lights and a 12V recharageable battery system for $18 for a string of 20 lights plus whatever the battery and charger costs. if you are interested in being thrifty at the same time, they were interested in saving on shipping by combining orders. I don’t know what their deadline is, but if anyone is interested, I’ll find out.



  1. those are great! many people at burning man use el-wire to light up their bikes. or are good starting places, but if anyone is interested i’d be happy to look up the other reputable places burners use!

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