Posted by: kendra | November 13, 2007

Portland and Bikes

Broadway Bike Lane 10Originally uploaded by winkjuniorI found this this bike lane stencil of a guy riding to work in the Portland Bike Lane Stencils Group. At first I thought these stencils were things people did to mess with the bike lanes, then I realized that’s how the city is painting them! That’s awesome.The New York Times had an article this week about why and how Portland is such a biking city, “In Portland, Cultivating a Culture of Two Wheels.” I went on a west coat trip last fall and stopped in Portland, and was really surprised by how many people were riding bikes; I had no idea it was like that. It was really an eye-opener! We stayed at a hotel that used to be an elementary school and it was really fun; it made me wish that Morristown had done that with the old elementary school on Morris, that would have been great. No offense to my clients who now ilve in those condos, I’m glad you are here too!



  1. No problem using the photo – it’s up so people can use it. The hotel you stayed at is The Kennedy School, which is less than a mile from my house, and less than a five minute bicycle ride if I want to go there for a movie or such. Condos be damned, I’ll take something like The Kennedy School any day.

  2. WNYC talked about biking in NYC but I can’t find the podcast on the website. It aired last week. Guest speaker said that 40% of commuters in Amsterdam commute to work. Here’s a link to a news article I did find on the WNYC site about the plan to encourage biking in NYC. If NYC can do it, why not Morristown ;-)?

  3. hey kendra,

    This is really inspiring. The town I live in is horrible for bike traffic, you take your life into your hands. And the people I do see riding are always on the wrong side of the road with no helmet on. And they ride at night with no reflectors or lights on, it drives me crazy. I bookmarked this, what a great committment to have. 🙂

  4. After livin and bikin in Oregon for 50 years, I have moved to Dallas Texas where bikers are looked at as UFO’s or martians, walkers?..not…its all about a car, and convenience, oh yeah, and eating and getting big, or bigger, their reply, its too hot here to walk, or ride a bike, I call it just being too lazy. Some day…maybe gas will be too much and they will see the light!!!

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