Posted by: kendra | November 12, 2007

hello morristown type people

I just invited a bunch of people from myspace to this blog, so if you happened to actually follow the link, thanks! I really would like this blog to be a place where people in Morristown (or Madison, or Florham Park or anywhere in New Jersey or your typical tri-state area) can post ideas on how to make Morristown and surrounding places more bike friendly and more awesome in general. I have heard lots of ideas like bike lanes, and bike light give-aways (which seems even more important now that people have to ride in the road), and bike movie nights and bike drive-ins in the summer, and neighborhood tours on bikes, and bike racks at schools and in town and more. If you have been to a bike friendly town and seen something great we can do in Morristown, please post here.If you have something you think we can do that doesn’t have anything to do with bikes, that’s welcome too. Walking, playing chess, drinking coffee, dogs, cats, music, whatever, just post away! Drop me an note if you need an invite to post!kendra



  1. I took a bike path on Cape Cod at Nickerson State Park and I was amazed. Riders could stop at a country club located along the trail for restrooms, water and refreshments, there were also water and food vendors along the trails in the state park, and riders could actually stop and take a swim for free en route. I felt like I was in Wonderland. Not sure if anything like this could ever happen in Jersey. It was like, “wow! everything I could want AND I don’t have to pay extra!”

  2. hey there morristown type blogger ;o) way to go! great job on the blog! i’ve bookmarked it now.

  3. even tho i dont live in morristown & i dont ride a boke i still think you are cool.

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