Posted by: kendra | November 10, 2007

ORD 0-37-06

I spotted two of these signs in the last week; just past the start of the traction line, on Morris, and the other one on Madison Avenue, between Normandy and Franklin.



  1. HI Kendra! I love your blog! Where is the traction line?

  2. Hey Beth!

    It’s the paved trail that runs along the train line in Morristown, and ends in Madison. It starts across the street from Washington Headquarters, just past the exit from 287.

  3. You look so young I’m sure they won’t stop you 😉

  4. Hi, I dont get the chance to ride my bike in Morristown very often but when I do, I take the Traction Line from the Florham Park side to get into town. Its the best option by far. The one problem spot I think is where it ends, or seems to end, at Washington Headquarters. To make the left into Morristown I think would be going wrong way on a one way so the sidewalk is the only option. Big problem spot with people getting on & off 287, I ride the sidewalk but its shaky, I’ve walked it too. That spot sucks. They put the sign there? I’d love to find some nice roads to ride on in Morristown, I’ll have to try that.
    Oh yeah- You can access Loantaka (sp?) Park from the Traction Line pretty easily. Fun.

  5. yeah! Actually this sign is about 10 feet to the right of the end of the Traction Line, so if you were to turn left onto the sidewalk to ride into town, like most people do, you would have no idea that you were supposed to walk your bike or cross the 3 lanes of traffic to and ride down to the uturn and ride over 287. I saw another one of these signs on Washington Avenue. I am a little confused about why the city is putting these up in residential neighborhoods, and not downtown in the central business district, where I thought they were going to be. I stopped and asked a policeman about the signs, and he had no idea what I was talking about and told me to keep riding on the sidewalk if I felt unsafe in certain areas.

  6. I think this is a really good website that shows good techniques for safe happy road riding.

    Or opt for the sidewalk, but I’d probably get off the bike if there were walkers anywhere near me.

    Does the path pick up across the street at that sketchy spot?

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